Holiday Spirits: Eat, Drink Clase Azul & Be Merry

An appreciation of life’s finer things must certainly include items outside of clothing. And for those of us that work at Mr. Sid, food and drink is a category every bit as dear to us as Italian clothing and German cars. So it comes as no surprise that we’ve formed friendships with people and organizations who have involvement with sublime products…like Clase Azul tequilas.

When hosting a holiday event or gathering, choosing a beverage is just as important as deciding on a main course. Clase Azul tequilas and mezcal are wonderful, ultra-luxurious options. With a brand culture rooted deeply in humanity, they offer the best tasting tequila that is sure to delight your guests. Not to mention, Clase Azule Spirits are a perfect gift for that special someone with discerning taste.

Each Clase Azul bottle is uniquely and individually hand-crafted in a small village in Mexico, taking nearly two weeks to create. Being a sustainable brand, they hope the artistry of their product encourages their customers to “upcycle” the bottle instead of throwing it away. And to show their support for the arts, their philanthropic arm Fundación con Causa Azul provides training, resources and education to Mexican artisans.

A woman panting a pattern on a ceramic vase

Each Clase Azul bottle is uniquely and individually hand-crafted in a small village in Mexico.

Available nationwide, Clase Azul Spirits prides themselves on their full line of luxury tequilas and mezcal, ranging in price from $89.99–$1,800 per bottle:

Mr. Sid Boston and Clase Azul Tasting

PLATA ($89.99)

Plata ($89.99) is an unaged blanco tequila produced from 100% organic blue weber agave, which is slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours and then distilled using a proprietary yeast developed by their master distiller .


Reposado ($110) is aged in reclaimed American oak barrels for eight months.

MEZCAL ($250)

Mezcal ($250) is made from Cenizo Agave. This agave grows wild in the State of Durango, where the extreme climate, rich minerals of the soil, and a source of natural springs give force and complexity to its notes. The bottle design is inspired by black clay pottery, one of the most representative styles of Mexican folk art.

ANEJO ($500)

Anejo ($500) is their “Edicion Indígena Mazahua” (or Mazahua-Edition). It is aged for 25 months and symbolizes the union of Mexican indigenous roots with European glazing techniques, resulting in a combination of history, art, and the highest quality tequila.

ULTRA ($1800)

Ultra ($1800), the “King of the Family,” is only produced in numbered batches of 100 bottles. Each bottle contains tequila that is aged for five years in sherry wood casks from Spain. The bottle is hand-painted with platinum and features a silver agave medallion and label—applied using 24-karat gold.

So if you’re looking for an extraordinary gift or truly transcendent addition to a holiday get together, consider Clase Azul tequila. You simply cannot go wrong.

Visit our friends at Clase Azul.

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