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The full Mr. Sid experience is now available at your home or office.

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Monogram Is a Natural Evolution

Since 1967 Mr. Sid has been an unparalleled source for style advice, expert tailoring and impeccable fit. We’ve always gone to great lengths to ensure your happiness…a few extra miles is no problem at all.

Everything you’d expect from Mr. Sid.

As much as we’d love to have you visit our stores, our highest priority is ensuring that you look and feel your best.


With more than 10,000 square feet of the world’s finest brands, Mr. Sid has no shortage of garments. It’s how we make them work that sets us apart. See what happens with a little help from our associates; the clothes become something more. They become you.


Mr. Sid boasts 6 full-time tailors and a fully appointed tailor shop. We refuse to trust our alterations to anybody else. Traditional practices such as real buttonholes and hand-pressing may be old fashioned to some, but at Mr. Sid, it’s simply how things are done. Our skilled tailors alter garments by hand and achieve an unparalleled level of precision and detail.


Many other companies offer their version of made-to-measure. Mr. Sid has a variety of brands that will fit your personality and price point. Our experienced staff will work with you ensuring that the fit, model, and look is just right for you. Choose from numerous fabrics, options, and details with a final product that fits you and your lifestyle.


We’ve been helping to dress wedding parties since the day we opened our doors. Why not turn outfitting your groomsmen into an event? With a little planning, we’ll turn a simple fitting into the first leg of your celebration.


Whether you’re ready to tweak your look or totally reinvent your style, a visit from a Monogram associate can shine a new light on the way you dress. Trust the process. Trust our people.

Special Events


Have a big event on the horizon? With a little forethought and planning, Monogram can help you make every day count on business trips and extended vacations…without bringing your entire wardrobe.

And a few things you wouldn’t.

In addition to helping refine your style with additional pieces of made-to-measure clothing or even ready-to-wear recommendations our consultants can help you make the most of the clothes that you already own.


Your closet should be a source of inspiration and confidence…not anxiety. Together we can organize your closet, clean out old and ill-fitting clothing, establish working outfits, and help you define and refine your personal approach to style.


Mr. Sid offers complimentary alterations and hand pressing up to one year1 on your Mr. Sid-purchased clothing. We’ll keep your investment looking and fitting its absolute best.


Dress well while supporting the community. When you donate your gently used tailored clothing or outerwear, we’ll put it to good use! You will receive a $250 credit towards a your next made-to-measure suit, $150 credit for a made-to-measure sport jacket, and $50 off made-to-measure pants.2

Say when

Just let us know what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll bring whatever is required to make the very best use of your time. You’ll be amazed at what we can get done in as little as an hour. Although a little privacy is best, we can do our job at your office, your home or even your club.

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1 certain restrictions and limitations apply
2 Some exceptions and limits apply. Ask your associate for details.

“We sew our reputation into everything we sell.” — Ira Segel, Founder, Mr. Sid