Three men one wearing a brown shirt another wearing no shirt and another wearing a red t-shirt by Fedeli

Spring/Summer Collection 2022

Spring / Summer 2022 collection draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. With its magnificent and mountainous landscape as the backdrop for its small and brilliantly colorful beaches, the nuances of nature are combined with colorful Mediterranean architecture, aligning the southern coast of our favorite country. Of course, many of our designers are from all over Italy, but this season, we focused on the Amalfi Coast for inspiration: Its colors. Its textures. Its light. All played a part in our creative force. We felt it was time to show some color and mute them with a washed affect to make them more wearable and neutral.

The fabrics are soft with texture, and the fits are more generous and comfortable. Sun-washed linens and lightweight denim are perfect for those hot summer nights. Highlights from our Men’s Collection include the Five-Pocket Trousers from Jacob Cohen that are so light, you won’t believe you are wearing anything! Paper-weight Cotton Sport Shirts from Fedeli match their organic cotton washed polo shirts and are perfect compliments to their spectacular printed swimwear. Perfect for Positano or any resort destination!

Post pandemic, Mr. Sid has pivoted to a more casual presentation, and it’s evident throughout our offerings. We have dedicated our focus to offering multiple options for how casually elegant you would like to be for both work and play. We have clothing for the office, a romantic dinner, or just lounging beachside and relaxing – and we are loaded with new and beautiful products.

We have already seen a return to the formal events of pre-pandemic. Summer weddings and special events are once again more formal and classic. We’re well prepared and have a gorgeous selection of tuxedos from a midnight navy tuxedo from Isaia that’s sophisticated and fitted, to our selection of posh dinner jackets in velvet. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can customize your outfit with our Sid Royale Made-to-Measure Service.

As we approach our 55th anniversary, Barry and I are excited to bring Mr. Sid to the forefront of retail. We are proud of our heritage and our desire and ability to continue shifting in new directions as our world evolves. We are a destination for all.

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