A closeup of cloth being sewed by Mr. Sid Makes House Calls. Introducing Monogram.

Some men find shopping for clothes less than enjoyable, despite all of Mr. Sid’s efforts. Forget the full bar, the leather furniture and the big screen TVs tuned to the Pats… you have other priorities. With our new service Monogram™, Mr. Sid is happy to meet you at your turf. Monogram is everything you expect from a visit to Mr. Sid, brought to a place of your choosing. Personal service isn’t just what makes us different, it’s what makes us better.

Monogram logo

We work tirelessly to ensure that the Mr. Sid store experience is comfortable and low-stress; the Newton store alone has three bars! But we can’t change or control how much time our customers have. We cater to successful people, and that success comes at a price. The precious free time you do have is typically spent on a golf course, with loved ones or en-route to a place where you can escape and unwind. We created Monogram to help our busiest customers—this way, you can find time to maintain and elevate the quality of your personal image.

“If we can get our clients to squeeze an hour out of their work day or weekend, we can help them accomplish a lot,” said Barry Segel, Executive Vice President of Mr. Sid and third generation clothier. “Whether that needs to happen at the customer’s home, office, or even their club is entirely up to them. We will always find a way to make it work… even if that means hosting a party for a group of groomsmen!”

An image of a tailor using a measuring tape measuring a guy wearing a white shirt

If you’re interested in Monogram’s services, we encourage you to call one of the stores or book an appointment online.

“If we’re given some information ahead of time, we can plan for quite a bit. We can gather up anything the customer might be interested in, in terms of off-the-rack selections, swatches for custom and made-to-measure pieces or even an assortment of shoes and accessories,” explained Segel. “Creating the best possible experience is still our primary goal… the only difference is that Monogram brings it directly to the customer.”

Monogram comes with a few pleasant surprises: a year of free alterations and garment pressing to ensure the clothes in which you invest continue to look their absolute best, and a closet organization service. It’s not uncommon for Mr. Sid’s clientele to have robust closets already. The Monogram Closet Organization Service helps you make the most out of the clothes you already have while making thoughtful additions.

Although Monogram provides a new approach, the goal is to make you happy, which is vintage Mr. Sid. It’s a simple idea that has carried an entire organization for three generations.

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