This year, we have endured some of the most extraordinary circumstances imaginable. An unfathomable pandemic that damaged our biggest cities and killed over a half million people. Communities destroyed by business closures and forced government shutdowns. We’ve seen police brutality and rioting on the streets of our inner cities. A movement that in our lifetime hasn’t been witnessed. We’ve been locked down, housebound, watching endless shows on Netflix, and have conducted our daily lives from our home offices (normally, just a nice, quiet place for a bourbon and the Wall Street Journal). Our schools were shuttered, and we taught our kids from home. We adjusted to technology, participated on Zoom calls, and ordered our dinners to be picked up curbside. These all have made for some unnerving moments and anxiety ridden times. We pray for those families who lost their loved ones and for the people that have lost their homes and/or businesses.

Through all this, we’ve found comfort in that we’ve all been relentless in our efforts to move forward in our lives, and that has made us a stronger, more impactful, and more united community. We’ve found perspective and realized certain things that maybe we overlooked before or maybe took for granted. We found comfort in these moments and have adjusted our lives to embrace this new normal. These last few months, as we get back to some sense of normalcy, we will “tip toe” to a re-set of our daily lives. We will take advantage of this opportunity and realize that people are still hurting, and that we must be sensitive to all that’s gone on around us.

Mr. Sid has spent almost 54 years building our own community based on diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and family. We believe that leading by example, strengthening our relationships, and remaining steadfast in our values is the best way for us to respond to the current challenges. We have been faced with extraordinary circumstances and have had to strategize and pivot fast to ensure our existence. People weren’t going to work. They weren’t going out to eat, and most of all, weddings and special events were canceled. We did what we had to do but we survived this last year on the hard work of our dedicated staff and on the backbone of our friends and clients who supported us.

We can’t thank you all enough and are humbled by the outreach and will never forget this. We are proud of the good we have done over the last 53 plus years, and we are grateful for the many meaningful relationships we’ve made and intend to continue to deliver on our values and our reputation every single day.

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