Spring / Summer 2021: Studio Essentials

Every season and every year, we embrace novel challenges and enjoy new inspirations. During the height of the pandemic, as we engaged in buying our Spring ‘21 collection, it was far from ordinary.

By sifting through mailed swatches and attending Zoom calls, we struggled to find that spark for inspiration. As we navigated through many difficult months, it was apparent that people just didn’t need to dress a certain way any longer. These were the days of Zoom calls and working from home. No dinner dates. No weddings. No special events. What could possibly be inspiration for dressing up?

From this challenge, a new inspiration was born, and we are pleased to introduce Sid Studio. We were creatively inspired by renowned artists such as Jackson Pollack and Picasso, who dressed as they intended. Their self-expressions weren’t just painted on a canvas but were illuminated in their respective attire. This wasn’t dictated by a manual, but rather how they wanted to be perceived. A style that was truly distinct, comfortable, and colorful. They dressed not because it was dictated by their job or society but because they wanted to express their individuality.

Our Spring ‘21 collection, Sid Studio, was conceived to help our clients find joy in their clothing – specifically focused on the elements of color, texture, and form. We sourced and designed every article of clothing and every unique accessory to push the boundaries to a comfort and fit that our customers have come to expect from Mr. Sid. We hope you will love this collection as much as we do.

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